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Google CEO Larry Page: Android isn't critical to Google

Page says Android not important
Larry Page claims Android not important for Google

In an interesting turn of events in the Oracle vs. Google trial, Google CEO Larry Page divulged that while important, Android was not critical to Google's success.

However, he added that he also would not be surprised if Google's board had been told that Android is critical to the company.

Page also said that he would have preferred to have entered into a business partnership with Sun Microsystems, which Oracle acquired in 2010.

"It would have saved us a lot of time and trouble to use Sun's technology. When we weren't able to have our business partnership, we went down our own path," he testified.

Page 'not an expert' on Java

Google's own path was to use what Page referred to as the "free part" of Java.

When asked by Oracle's lawyer for examples of other companies that use Java's programming interface technologies unlicensed, Page responded he's not an expert on the subject.

The trial of Oracle vs Google began earlier this week, with Oracle seeking $1.1 billion in damages for Google's unlicensed use of Java in the Android OS.

Via Reuters