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Google Docs adds templates

Google - it does search engines too
Google - it does search engines too

In a bid to attract more users to its free online file editing service, Google has added templates to allow simple creation of the more mundane documents.

Often a mainstay for the more repetitive or novel tasks on such programmes as Microsoft Word or Excel, like printing mailing labels or invitation cards, Google has unleashed its own piece of the action.

The templates were created in association with Visa Business, Avery Dennison and TemplateZone among others, so at least you know they'll probably work.


Google has a nifty little video of it working in action on the Official Google blog, showing some housemates using the online template to create shared house expense sheets they can access anywhere.

Seems like something one of them might 're-jig' online after one of them ate some cheese they thought was theirs, but was really someone else's, which was obvious because it had a label on it and it's really not about the food-stealing-more-about-what-it-represents-and-you've-become-really-jealous-since-I-got-that-promotion…

Check out the official blog to have a look and find out whether you've always needed an online template to track the amount of times you walked to work in a month.