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How to watch Love Island in 2021 online and stream UK, USA and Australia versions at home and abroad

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After love got put on hold thanks to the panny-D, the summer 2021 has been doubly blessed as we've been able to watch the blossoming romance both sides of the Atlantic with Love Island UK and USA airing simultaneously. While season 3 of Love Island USA has wrapped for another year, we've got Love Island UK's finale to look forward to. Wherever you're coupling up from, here's how to watch Love Island 2021 online.

How to watch Love Island

Watch Love Island UK: ITV2 / ITV Hub (UK) / Hulu (US) / 9Now (Aus) / Neon (NZ)

Watch Love Island USA: CBS / Paramount Plus (US) / CTV (Canada) / Neon (NZ)

Watch Love Island Australia: 9Now (Aus) / ITV Hub (UK) / Hulu (US) / Hayu (Canada)

Watch anywhere: try ExpressVPN 100% risk-free

If the last year has let you down in all of its miserable glory, the long awaited return of this heroic dating show will have been music to your ears! It has got pretty hot and steamy up in here this summer as both Love Island UK and Love Island USA returned to our screens within weeks of each other. 

And even now the current seasons of Love Island UK and USA are ending and a winner has been crowned, we have Love Island Australia to look forward to as its third season is expected to touch down later this year when summer hits down under.

Bringing together tanned and toned twenty-something boys and girls looking for love, they'll be cooped up in a villa in an idyllic location, likely to either pull or get pied across the coming weeks. All in the name of true love, there's also a pretty tempting cash prize at the end of it for the winner(s).

From getting involved in sexy, somewhat absurd challenges, to screaming "I've got a text!" at the top of their lungs, let's see who's prepared to move mad and step on toes to recouple up with 'the one'. Keep reading on to get all the deets on how to watch Love Island UK, USA, and Australia in 2021.

How to watch Love Island UK season 7

Love Island UK 2021 cast

(Image credit: ITV)

They've had their final Love Island dates and met the family. Now it's time to put all the muggy behaviour behind them as this 'sanitized sex bubble' is well and truly popped, with Laura Whitmore set to crown our winning couple of 2021 tonight. Eleven OG islanders are now down to just four couples. But who will win? Keep reading to find out how to watch Love Island UK.

How to watch Love Island UK online free at home


It's been a summer of copping off and lovers tiffs. You might even say it's been...'so muggy'. But Love Island series 7 is coming to an end tonight.

With the finale taking place at 9pm BST on ITV2, make sure you catch the crowning moment and find out who will take home the £50,000 cash prize.

As it's ITV, anyone located in the UK can tune in for FREE. As well as tuning into ITV 2, this of course also means you can watch Love Island via the ITV Hub live or on catch-up. Scroll to the bottom of this page for a complete episode-by-episode guide.

Remember you can watch ITV Hub a number of ways, including on desktop, via your smartphone or tablet with the app, as well as on most media streamers, including Fire Stick, Roku, and Apple TV, as well as on gaming consoles.

How to watch Love Island UK when abroad

We've detailed how you can watch Love Island from the UK, but bear in mind that if you're abroad at any point during this year's summer of love, you won't be able to watch Love Island 2021 from abroad.

Don't get mugged off by geo-restrictions, which prevent you from being able to access certain services and content to specific parts of the world. You can get around geo-blocks by using a VPN. It's legal, very affordable and easy to use - and it also encrypts your browsing, offering protection against cybercriminals and government snooping.

Use a VPN to watch Love Island from anywhere

ExpressVPN is the world's top VPN right now

ExpressVPN is the world's top VPN right now
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Using a VPN is as easy as one-two-three...

1. Download and install a VPN - as we say, our top choice is ExpressVPN

2. Connect to the appropriate server location - open the VPN app, hit 'choose location' and select the appropriate location

3. Go to the broadcaster's stream - head to ITV Hub and start watching Love Island as if you were back at home

How to watch Love Island UK 2021 online in the US


For fans in the US, season 7 of Love Island UK arrived on Hulu on Monday, July 12 with new episode drops daily, allowing those Stateside to experience Love Island UK much the same way as in ol' Blighty, just a few weeks behind. 

Depending on which plan you opt for, you can make the most of a Hulu free trial of either 30 days or 7 days. Thereafter the Hulu price starts from $5.99 a month.

How to watch Love Island UK 2021 online free in Australia


For those down under, you can watch Love Island UK's seventh series directly on Channel 9's on-demand service, 9Now with new episodes dropping at 6pm AEST daily.

9Now is 100% free to watch - you simply need to make a Nine account to watch. Of course, this service is geo-restricted, so if you happen to be outside the country, simply sign up to a VPN to appear as if you're in Australia when watching.

How to watch Love Island UK 2021 in New Zealand: stream season 7 online


For those in New Zealand, watch Love Island UK online on Neon, with its current season season available to stream concurrently with its UK broadcast, as well as season 6 available to binge in full. 

There is the choice of a monthly or annual plan. Monthly customers pay NZ$15.99 a month and can benefit from a free trial period. Or save 16% and commit to its annual plan for $159.99. 

How to watch Love Island UK in Canada

Unfortunately, it looks like those in Canada miss out on an official broadcaster for Love Island UK. Don't miss a moment of the islander action as our boys and girls couple up, heads are turned, and another is dumped from the villa. 

The only way you'll be able to watch Love Island is with a VPN, which spoofs your device into thinking you're browsing from elsewhere and bypass geo-restricted content.

Love Island UK season 7 couples

  • Toby and Chloe
  • Teddy and Faye
  • Liam and Millie
  • Tyler and Kaz

Love Island UK season 7 contestants:

  • Liberty Poole - 21, waitress and marketing student from Birmingham
  • Sharon Gaffka - 25, civil servant from Oxford
  • Kaz Kamwi - 26, blogger from Essex
  • Faye Winter - 26, lettings manager from Devon
  • Shannon Singh - 22, model from Fife
  • Jake Cornish - 24, water engineer from Weston-Super-Mare
  • Aaron Francis - 24, model and luxury events host from London
  • Hugo Hammon - 24, PE teacher from Hampshire
  • Toby Aromolaran - 22, semi-pro footballer from Essex
  • Brad McClelland - 26, labourer from Northumberland
  • Chloe Burrows - 26, financial services marketing executive from Bicester
  • Liam Reardon - 21, bricklayer from Wales
  • Chuggs (Oliver) Wallis - 23, entrepreneur from Surrey
  • Rachel Finni - 29, luxury travel specialist from London
  • Millie Court - 24, fashion buyer's administrator from Essex
  • Lucinda Strafford, 21, owner of an online fashion boutique from Brighton 
  • Teddy Soares - 26, senior financial consultant from Manchester 
  • AJ Bunker - 28, hair extension technician from Hertfordshire
  • Danny Bibby - 25, plumber from Wigan
  • Tyler Cruickshank - 26, estate agent from Croydon
  • Georgia Townend - 28, marketing executive from Essex
  • Abigail Rawling - 27, tattoo artist from Bournemouth
  • Amy Day - 25, performer from Surrey
  • Clarisse Juliette - 23, brand owner from London
  • Lillie Haynes - 22, trainee accountant from South Shields
  • Dale Mehmet - 24, barber from Glasgow
  • Jack Barlow - 26, racing driver and coach from East Sussex
  • Sam Jackson - 23, maintenance manager from Clitheroe
  • Salma Naran - 20, model from Dublin
  • Mary Bedford - 22, model from Wakefield
  • Kaila Troy - 28, international DJ from Dublin
  • Harry Young - 24, car salesman from Glasgow
  • Medhy Malanda - 24, American football player from Luton
  • Matthew MacNabb - 26, strategic marketing consultant from Belfast
  • Priya Gopaldas - 23, medical student from London
  • Brett Staniland - 27, PhD researcher and model from Derbyshire

Where is Love Island UK 2021 being filmed?

Completely missing out on our dose of Vitamin D and the Love Island summer class of 2020, we're long overdue beach frolics and outrageous dates. That being said, with the pandemic still trying to rain on everyone's parade, many questioned what health and safety precautions would be in place.

However, Love Island 2021 is being filmed at its usual location at the Love Island villa in Majorca, though there were reports it had a backup location in Jersey if the Covid-19 situation in any way hindered travel.

It has also been reported a large proportion of production will take place in London rather than Majorca, including Iain Stirling's voice over. Gutted. Much of the show's other safety precautions will take place behind the scenes, with little to know obvious changes on screen.

What safe-guarding has been put in place for Love Island?

Aside from the obvious elephant in the room (that pesky pandemic), Love Island has had other pressing matters to deal with. 

In recent years it has come under fire for its lack of safe-guarding of its contestants in preparing them for the barrage of fame and ridicule after appearing on the TV show. With the loss of Sophie Gradon in 2018 and Mike Thalassitis in 2019, both to suicide, there has been pressure for Love Island to do more.

This year, a duty of care protocol has been introduced in order to look after the mental health of contestants and better prepare them for live after the reality show. These measures also include support before and during filming.

Outlined on ITV's website, all contestants will receive:

  • Comprehensive psychological support
  • Training for all Islanders on the impacts of social media and handling potential negativity 
  • Training for all Islanders on financial management 
  • Detailed conversations with Islanders regarding the impact of participation on the show
  • A proactive aftercare package which extends support to all islanders following their participation on the show
  • Guidance and advice on taking on management after the show 

How to watch Love Island US season 3

Love Island US season 3 cast

(Image credit: CBS)

The third season of Love Island USA has drawn to a close after, this year, taking place in Hawaii with Arielle Vandenberg returning to host the dating show. The initial line-up saw 16 islanders arrive in the villa, all hoping to find love and secure that tasty $100,000 cash prize. Want to go back and watch the series and find out the winner? Keep scrolling for all the details on how to watch Love Island USA season 3 online.

How to watch Love Island USA online: stream season 3 in the US 

Paramount Plus

Love Island USA season 3 has wrapped for another year with our winning couple crowned. You can still watch back all episodes of season 3 currently on CBS with 29 episodes to binge your way through.

If you don't have CBS on linear TV, it's available to stream on Paramount Plus in the US. This costs just $4.99 a month and comes with a 7-day free trial for new customers.

Away from the US but want to watch your native broadcaster? You got it - just grab a great VPN deal and follow our instructions above to get started.

Watch Love Island USA online: streaming details for season 3 in Canada

CTV's website

Canada's CTV was the place to get your Love Island USA fix north of the border. Watch back season 3 online via CTV's website for free. 

If you're on the move, the CTV app has your Love Island USA streaming needs covered and is available for a number of platforms including Android, iOS, Xbox One, Samsung Smart TV, and Amazon Fire TV devices.

How to watch Love Island USA in the UK: release date for season 3


Much like previous years, we expect Love Island USA season 3 to air on ITV 2 later this year, following the UK version. With the current UK series also drawing to a close this week, we expect it won't be long before season 3 of Love Island USA is aired in ol' Blighty.

The good news is that means it will be completely free to watch Love Island USA season 3 in the UK on ITV 2 and ITV Hub - you'll just need to wait a while for it.

However, as mentioned above, anyone in the UK from countries where Love Island USA is available can still catch all of the romantic entanglements and drama as they would live at home - just grab yourself a top VPN and follow our instructions above.


For those in New Zealand, you can watch Love Island USA online on Neon, with season 3 set to arrive soon on the platform. 

Costing $15.99 a  month, you can save 16% when committing to its annual plan for $159.99 a year. For new monthly plan subscribers, you can benefit from a free trial period.

Love Island USA season 3 winners:

  • Korey Gandy and Olivia Kaiser

Love Island USA season 3 contestants:

  • Olivia Kaiser - 28, licensed cosmetologist from Anchorage, Alaska
  • Cashay Proudfoot - 25, waitress from New York City
  • Javonny Vega - 26, real estate investor from Boca Raton, Florida
  • Will Moncada - 26, cannabis budtender from Colombia
  • Trina Njoroge - 24, psychiatric nurse from Hacienda Heights, California
  • Melvin "Cincho" Holland, Jr - 25, delivery driver from Ashburn Virginia
  • Christian Longnecker - 24, coffee company founder from Oahu, Hawaii
  • Jeremy Hershberg - 27, cannabis budtender from New York City
  • Korey Gandy - 28, rental car agent from Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Shannon St. Claire - 24, construction company worker from Bucks County, Pennsylvania
  • Kyra Lizama - 23, Covid relief worker from Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Josh Goldstein - 24, college athlete from Haverhill, Massachusetts
  • Aimee Flores, 26 - private chef from Los Angeles, California
  • Isaiah Harmison - 25, personal trainer from Houston, Texas
  • Florita Diaz - 27, model from Miami Florida
  • Lei-Yen Rapp - 28, travel influencer from Houston, Texas
  • Roxy Ahmad - 24, account manager from London, United Kingdom
  • Slade Parker - 27, printing and advertising business owner from Rome, Georgia
  • Wes Ogsbury - 24, entrepreneur from Denver, Colorado 
  • Leslie Golden - 24, model from Redwater, Texas
  • Kay Taylor - 24, swimsuit company owner from Calabasas California
  • Kamryn Mickens-Bennett - 25, student from Summit, New Jersey
  • Isabel Johnson - 21, beauty advisor from Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Genevieve Shawcross - 22, student from West Chester, Pennsylvania
  • Gabe Sadowsky - 27, personal trainer from Nashua, New Hampshire
  • Flo Mueller - 26, model and rapper from Miami, Florida
  • Charlie Lynch - 30, trucking company owner from Houston, Texas
  • Andrew John Phillips - 28, marketing manager from Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Raul Frias - 24, basketball player from Hialeah, Florida
  • Elly Steffen - 22, model from Chicago, Illinois
  • Alana Paolucci - 28, model from New York
  • Bailey Marshall - 23, marketing intern from Portland, Oregon
  • Andre Brunelli - 28, model from Miami, Florida
  • K-Ci Maultsby - 27, barber from San Jose, California

Where is the Love Island USA season 3 villa?

Whereas Love Island UK always takes place in Majorca (aside from its recent new winter iteration which took place in Cape Town in South Africa), the Love Island USA villa finds itself in new exotic locations each season.

From Fiji to Las Vegas in seasons past, Love Island USA third season is taking place in Ninole in Hawaii for the Class of 2021 lovebirds.

Who hosts Love Island USA?

Throughout its three seasons, Love Island USA has been hosted by Arielle Vandenburg, with Matthew Hoffman offering his witty narration as voice-over for the reality TV show.

How to watch Love Island Australia

Cast of Love Island Australia

(Image credit: Nine Network)

Love Island fever has reached across the other side of the world, with young, eligible Australians on the hunt for romance in the villa. With two seasons aired so far, a third series is set to air at the end of the year when summertime hits in the southern hemisphere, with the villa location confirmed to be on home turf this year - Port Douglas in Queensland, Australia.

How to watch Love Island Australia: stream seasons 1-2 online now


So far we've been treated to two whole seasons of Love Island Australia, with the first taking place not far from the UK's own location in Mallorca, Spain. Its second season enjoyed the idyllic destination of Fiji. 

It's off-season in Australia, and while there has yet to be a confirmation on when we can expect the third season to air, it's certainly on the way, and will find itself airing live on free-to-air Channel 9 and its on-demand service, 9Now

Here you can also watch back or catch up on previous seasons of Love Island Australia, with both season 1 and 2 available to stream.

Outside of the country and keen to binge previous series of Love Island Australia? Why not sign up for a VPN and watch Love Island Australia as you would back home?

How to watch Love Island Australia in the UK


Whether you view ITV as the God of Love Island or maybe even Cupid himself, ITV Studios is the creator of this lovefest. It's therefore the place to be to watch the latest series of Love Island's global variations. 

Currently you can stream Love Island Australia season 2 on ITV Hub in full, and we expect its third season to hit ITV 2 later in the year when it begins airing Down Under.

Of course, ITV Hub offers a free stream to those in the UK. If you're abroad and want to watch Love Island Australia, you can use a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions.

How to watch Love Island Australia online in the US

Hulu is the streaming service

Much like Love Island UK, Hulu is the streaming service for those in the US who want to import Australia's own version of the dating show Stateside. With both seasons ready and waiting, you can watch Love Island Australia right here from $5.99 a month. 

We expect season 3 of Love Island Australia to follow suit and land on the service a week or two after it starts airing in Aus.

How to watch Love Island Australia in Canada


Those in Canada can watch Love Island Australia online with a Hayu subscription, with season 2 available to stream in full. 

Pay just CA$5.99 a month and make the most of a 7-day free trial for customers in Canada.

When will Love Island Australia season 3 be on?

Just like Love Island in the UK and USA, love had to take a backseat thanks to the ongoing pandemic. However, Love Island Australia will return for its third season in 2021, with the location of the villa set to be on home turf this year in Port Douglas, Queensland. This gives us a pretty good indication of when we can expect Love Island Australia season 3 to launch.

While its first season took place in the same location as the UK iteration in Majorca, with the second and third season located in the Southern Hemisphere, spring arrives in September. We therefore imagine it'll be taking place come October time, with stunning scenic shots of the Great Barrier Reef.

Where is the Love Island Australia villa?

Each season of Love Island Australia has seen couples loved up with differing backdrops. Season 1 took place in the same location as its UK counterpart in Majorca, Spain, while season 2 took place in Fiji.

Season 3 will be taking place in Port Douglas, Queensland on home turf this year.

How to watch Love Island UK: episode-by-episode catch-up

As we get into the thick of the bombshell arrivals, recouplings, and serious mugging off, ensure you don't miss a moment of islander action. Catch up with our comprehensive list of all the episodes so far, allowing you to click straight through and have your head well and truly turned by Love Island UK, series 7 this summer.

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