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Sky Sports package pricings compared

Sky Sports - on BT Vision as well
Sky Sports - on BT Vision as well

With Sky Sports popping up on multiple different platforms, consumers face a difficult choice with a multitude of options and confusing pricing.

BT Vision, Virgin Media, Top Up TV and, of course, Sky, will all be screening Sky Sports 1 and 2 in time for the forthcoming Premiership season, but working out the best value is a difficult task.

However, What Satellite is hoping to come to the rescue by producing a price comparison that should help inform people and help them to make up their mind.

Insanely complicated

"The packages and special offers for Sky Sports across the different providers are insanely complicated, so we've tried to boil them down to the core pricing that everyone has to pay in the long run," said editor Alex Lane.

"Consumers need to watch out for extra costs like phone lines, broadband, set-top boxes and installation that don't get mentioned in the headline prices of the advertising campaigns."

Of course, even WotSat's guide can't tell you the entire story; if you want HD for instance then you can only get it on Virgin Media and Sky, and BSkyB has more than two sports channels.

You can find WotSat's guide and a little more explanation about the methodology on the WotSat blog.