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Samsung gives 4K TV a slightly-more-affordable future

Samsung has announced a new range of sub-£6000 4K TV's that will be launched next month.
The 4K not-so-massive

Samsung has announced a new range of more slightly-less-wince-inducing 4K TVs that will be launched in South Korea next month.

The TVs, available in 65-inch and 55-inch versions, will be available for pre-order from the June 1 in South Korea, although there's no information about when they'll be available in other countries.

The 55-inch model is available for 6.4 million won (about £3715, US $5659, AUS $5891), and the 65-inch version for 8.9 million won (about £5166, US $7869 US, $8192).

Bargain basement

Included in those astronomical prices is a coupon for a mysterious 2014 "upgrade kit" and a free exercise app. The TVs include Samsung's upscaling technology and its Evolution Kit, preparing the TVs for future UHD broadcasting standards.

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This is Samsung's second line of 4K TVs, the first being an 85-inch £26,000 ($39,608 US $41,230 AUS) behemoth.

The new line could be a response to Sony's recently-announced 4K TVs, which also measure in at 55 inches and 65 inches, and retail at a similar price.