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Samsung Galaxy S10 range could be absolute gaming powerhouses

(Image credit: Samsung)

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 range could be the phones setting the pace in the mobile gaming space in 2019, if a new trademark application is anything to go by.

The request to the European Union's IP Office is for something called a Neuro Game Booster – which might sound like something that's going to help train your brain, like those apps that were so popular a few years back, but which is actually do with improving smartphone performance. 

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While we don't have a lot of information on this new idea from Samsung yet, it's likely to be similar to Huawei's GPU Turbo, which uses software to improve mobile gaming performance on its smartphones.

More firepower

The use of the word 'Neuro' in the title suggests the new software will be using artificial intelligence to constantly monitor what's on screen, and to allocate CPU and GPU performance to the right areas to improve the graphical capabilities and battery performance of the phone.

There are two strong reasons to suspect Samsung is trademarking this for use in the Galaxy S10 range. First, the Exynos 9820 is highly likely to be used in the new phones, and it was launched with heavy emphasis on both the neural engine and the 40% improvement in gaming capabilities that phones running this hardware will have.

The second is that Samsung has a history of trademarking items to do with its flagship phones in January, so it would be far from inconceivable that this move relates to the new Galaxy S10, as it was lodged on January 21.

A gaming turning point?

LetsGoDigital also spotted that the same applicant, Abril Abogados, has previously applied for trademarks of other Samsung items – PixCell technology used in car headlights, for instance – which lends credibility to this story.

The upshot is that Samsung could very well be bringing out a smartphone with incredible gaming prowess. It's already well known for gaming handsets (the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus won our 'Gaming Handset of the Year' award at TechRadar's Mobile Choice event last year) so combining improvements in both software and hardware could give the brand a real boost in 2019 as it seeks to impress consumers with its new range.

From Galaxy Club via SamMobile

Main image credit: Samsung Exynos 9820 promotional illustration

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