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PUBGMobile available for some gamers in India - launch imminent

PUBG Mobile India
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The Indian government has been on an app banning spree since June. Though over 200 odd mobile applications of various genres have been blocked in the country, PUBG Mobile and TikTok remain the topic of interest for most. And when we talk about the comebacks, TikTok may be a far-fetched idea, PUBG isn’t.

With every passing day, we’re getting closer to the relaunch of PUBG in India. After cutting off ties with Tencent, KRAFTON, the parent company of PUBG corporation, has set up an Indian business entity and for gamers' respite, it announced that all the achievements and IDs of the global version will be retained.

Now, a popular YouTuber has revealed that as the company is gearing up for a re-launch, the game is already available to a select few players in India. The now-deleted tweet read “Thanks to PUBG Mobile India for the main PUBG version app. Guys, first look of PUBG India soon on my channel, reports MySmartPrice. The server is not working in Indian version atm.”

His tweet hints that the company is testing the mobile app with a handful of India mobile gamers and the embargo limitations may allow them to upload videos of gameplay on their social media handles.

One must remember that it is a common practice among companies to offer early access or provide a pre-launch variant to influencers or testers for feedback before the wider rollout. This helps companies to not only gauge the market sentiment but also iron out issues, if any, right ahead of the launch.

With the official launch just a matter of days now, PUBG, which even after the ban remains one of the most sought after mobile games in India, is set to make a comeback with a bang. According to a recent tweet by yet another esports athlete, the first PUBG tournament could be held soon with a grand prize of Rs. 6 crores.

While we can’t wait to try our hands on the game, are you ready for the Chicken Dinner once again?

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