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Samsung MP3 player gets multiplayer gaming

Bluetooth wireless gaming is one of the key updates of Samsung's latest YP-T9 digital music player.

Announced in Korea, the YP-T9 updates the features of the previous incarnations of the T9 digital music player with a selection of multiplayer games users can enjoy. The YP-T9 will initially be available in Korea. A number of games will be available that can be played with other YP-T9 users within a 10 metre range via Bluetooth.

The Samsung YP-T9, which looks similar to the two previous incarnations of the T9, comes in versions with 2GB, 4GB and 8GB of storage. It supports MP3, WMA and has the song-sharing software of the previous models. It also features a similar 1.8-inch display and stereo Bluetooth streaming for Bluetooth headphones and speaker systems.

Samsung has given no details yet of when we can expect to see the YP-T9 in the UK.