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MSN users think iPhone 3G is overrated

MSN users; not iPhone fans
MSN users; not iPhone fans

MSN's massive UK audience is not especially enamored with Apple's iPhone 3G according to the latest survey on the site.

The MSN Tech & Gadgets channel asked their readers to vote on 'what they make of the iPhone 3G' and the overwhelming majority were nonplussed by the must-have gadget of the summer.

In fact 57 per cent of the 3,427 respondents (to date, it's still open if you fancy adding your ten-penneth) voted for the 'it's overrated – what's all the fuss' option, with 15 per cent loving it and an equal 15 per cent a little disappointed with the new features.

TechRadar did wonder if we could vote for 'it's the best smartphone out there' AND 'I was hoping for more', but we are both excitable and greedy.

And the cynics out there may wonder if MSN's audience are likely to be a little less pro-Apple than many other sites' visitors.