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Nvidia: Our new graphics card like iPhone

The 8800GT has recieved acclaim - not least from us - for its power-per-pound

A senior Nvidia bod has likened his company's new graphics card to the Apple iPhone. The rather astonishing claim was made part way through an update session by the graphics manufacturer yesterday.

Nick Stam, director of Technical Marketing for Nvidia, said the company's recently announced 8800GT card was "the most significant product we've brought out in the graphics space for a while".

Like an iPhone?

"We looked at the iPhone," said Stam. "How can we make a graphics card look like an iPhone? Well here it is." What Stam actually means is that Nvidia has managed to make the card's cooling solution look like it covers the whole graphics card, rather than covering half of it with a cooler and leaving the rest of it naked.

Stam said he expected the card to do well against new cards from competitor ATI. was at the meeting to be briefed on other news that remains under embargo.

The 8800GT possesses excellent performance for its cost - examples are being touted online around the £180 mark - so no wonder that even we currently can't get one for either love or money.

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