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Sony Ericsson controls music with your ears

Sony Ericsson's MH907 headphones
Sony Ericsson's MH907 headphones

Sony Ericsson has finally taken the wraps off its teaser site, showing off headphones that use your ears to control the music.

Put the two MH907 buds in your ears, and the music player will activate. Take one out (presumably to talk to a friend or shout at an enemy) and the music will pause.

And when you get a call, simply pop one in a lughole and the phone will answer the call, while removing it will hang up.

It works by sensing the 'presence' of your ear (presumably when encased by skin the sensor is activated).

Universal appeal?

We've got no word on UK pricing or other release details as yet, but we're excited to find out if they'll be cheap enough for the average user.

However, it's hard to see whether this will have universal appeal, as elements like needing to have the headset connected at all times might annoy some, plus you have to pick up the phone anyway to look at who's calling you.

Check out the odd little video to try and get more of an idea - although we'd love to know if listening to all music sends you on a psychedelic love trip.