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Samsung solar-powered phone to launch in October

Samsung's Blue Earth looks likely to arrive this October
Samsung's Blue Earth looks likely to arrive this October

Samsung is set to launch its new solar powered mobile phone in the next few months, bringing with it a whole raft of environmentally friendly goodies.

Engadget has been sent a photo of the device pegged for an October release date, which fits in pretty nicely with the 'second half of 2009' date we were given at the start of the year.

The Blue Earth's environmental friendliness extends beyond simply having a solar panel (although being able to chat on the phone when the battery is dead is a great thing).

Walking for the enviro-win

It's made out of recycled water bottles too, as well as bringing intelligent power management to keep the screen at optimum brightness and switching off the Bluetooth radio when not needed.

If you want a bit of eco-guilt, there's a pedometer on board that tells you how many trees you've saved by walking (or how many you would have saved if you hadn't taken the car).

It's a touchscreen device running Samsung's TouchWIZ interface, and has a charger that consumes less than 0.03W of energy on standby - ecotastic.

We'll be getting one of these in for review when it launches... only we don't have the heart to tell Samsung how little sun there is in October in the UK.

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