Note 8 tipped to come with Samsung's best smartphone camera yet

The wait is almost over for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and even though most of the details of the handset have already leaked out into the public domain, we're still getting a steady trickle of info about what we can expect to see on August 23.

Dutch site Galaxy Club has been doing some digging on Samsung's semiconductor website and thinks it's found the camera module that the upcoming phone is going to be using - one that includes advanced features like a 3x optical zoom and an improved HDR mode.

As Samsung hasn't officially said anything about the camera appearing in the Note 8 we can't be sure about this for the time being, but we've heard similar rumors before, and it does now look likely that the Note 8 is going to be rocking Samsung's best smartphone camera yet.

Depth sensing

Galaxy Club does a pretty comprehensive rundown of the features it thinks the Note 8 camera is going to offer. As well as the 3x optical zoom, there's also mention of a Refocus mode that can automatically sense the depth in an image.

Thanks to this special 3D depth-sensing technology, apparently, you'll be able to blur particular parts of an image and even change the perspective, adjusting objects in the frame as if you were snapping them from another angle. Low-light performance is said to be improved as well with a special Super Night Shot mode.

Don't bet the house just yet on all of these features showing up in the Galaxy Note 8, but given all the other leaks we've seen about the Note 8's camera upgrades, the handset should be capable of some seriously cool photography tricks.

David Nield
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