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iPhone didn't beat ALL Blackberries in July

It turns out that the iPhone hasn't beaten US sales of the Blackberry series after only - only individual models

Market research firm iSuppli has been forced to clarify a statement it issued early this week regarding iPhone sales in the US.

It said on Tuesday that the Apple iPhone had comprehensively beaten its smartphone rivals - including RIM's Blackberry series - to take the number one sales slot in July. However this is apparently NOT the case.

iSuppli now says that the iPhone successfully outsold individual Blackberry models, but that the Blackberry range as a whole outsold the iPhone by a factor of 2:1. Oops.

However even taking iSuppli's revised statement into consideration, the iPhone has still done phenomenally well. It managed to outsell all other smartphones in the US, including Palm's entire product portfolio as well as individual phones from Nokia, etc. Its sales even matched those of LG's ultra-cool Chocolate, grabbing 1.2 per cent of the US mobile phone market share in total.