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Latest iPhone SDK reveals 3G details

3G coming soon

Apple’s latest iPhone software development kit (SDK) appears to reveal information about the widely anticipated 3G version of the phone.

Version 3.0 of the iPhone's SDK includes Interface Builder, Xcode IDE, Instruments, iPhone simulator, frameworks and samples, compilers, and Shark analysis tool.

With widespread rumour that a 3G version of the uber-popular iPhone will be announced by Apple in June, the news that Zibri has unearthed info on the new chip is hardly a huge surprise.

Chipset details

Apparently, the maker of the ZiPhone application suggests, "the chipset is the SGOLD3, which follows up the current S-GOLD2 in today's iPhone and provides supports for HSDPA category 8 (7.2Mbps), cameras of up to 5 megapixels, MPEG4/H.263 hardware acceleration and video telephony, streaming, recording and playback".

Of course, the broadband-like speeds that this would offer would almost certainly require a significantly costlier package for the average punter, but the prospect is certainly exciting.

The oft-repeated reason for the original iPhone lacking 3G is the impact on the battery time, so it remains to be seen if that problem has been solved.