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iPhone gets Palm Pre-like multi-tasking

iPhone multi-tasking - come on, let's see it 'properly'!
iPhone multi-tasking - come on, let's see it 'properly'!

A new utility allows jailbroken iPhones to get multi-tasking in a similar fashion to the Palm Pre.

The Multifl0w project has managed to make things super-simple to allow multiple applications to co-exist on the iPhone, all displayed in an easy to swipe set of windows.

Of course, it doesn't have the Palm Pre's 'swipe up to exit' functionality, but we still like it a lot.


Simply put, you choose an application; hold the home button and it will add it to the 'background'. Then double tap that same button to see all your open applications all in a row... how pretty.

Of course, Apple is making the point that this will drain the battery, kill the processor etc, but given every other phone can do (and with Flash as well, while we're on the point) and it would be nice to think the next iPhone will be able to multi-task.

But a video makes things a lot easier, so check out this little set of moving images to see how it works (although we don't know why so many examples have to be set):

Via Engadget