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iPhone 8 to use super-thin screen tech from Japan?

iPhone display

Japan Display, the new company formed out of a merger of Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi, could be a big player in the new line of iPhones in 2018.

The brand, which alongside Sharp is reported to be one of the biggest suppliers of the iPhone's current LCD screens, has announced that it will start creating OLED panels for smartphones in two years' time.

The news means it will begin creating the thinner, brighter and better contrast-packing displays in time for the expected iPhone 8, which some analysts are predicting will be the first iPhone to use OLED technology.

Bigger gets better

While there was no confirmation that the move to the OLED technology was to service Apple, one of Japan Display's largest shareholders is in talks to invest in Sharp, which would mean two large iPhone screen suppliers suddenly making the OLED smartphone panels.

The others feasibly vying to supply an OLED-imbued iPhone, as well as other brands, would be Samsung Display and LG Display.

Given that we're expecting to see foldable and rollable screens in phones, which would have to use OLED technology, becoming increasingly popular in the next decade, it makes sense that Japan Display and even Apple would want to be trialling the tech as soon as possible.

From Reuters