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Dyson has found the secret to doubling your smartphone battery


Various startups around the world are trying to improve battery life with new technologies, but one that believes it can double the amount of energy in particular cells has now been given backing from Dyson.

The electronics manufacturer, best known for its vacuum cleaners, has set up a joint development agreement with a startup called Sakti3.

Sakti3 uses a variety of new materials to achieve higher energy density in the battery cell – it leaves flammable liquid electrolyte behind to pack in a different type of high-energy storage material - that could potentially double smartphone battery life.

Dyson has now invested $15 million in the startup with the idea to create a new cordless vacuum cleaner, but the tech may go well beyond that.

Twice the charge

James Dyson, founder and chief engineer at the company, said "Sakti3 has achieved leaps in performance which current battery technology simply can't."

Backing from a major manufacturer has given the startup a big boost meaning the technology may be adapted for other devices.

Smartphones and tablets are in major need of a new battery technology to improve devices lifespan but it may still be quite a while until we can see the technology implemented properly.

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Via Technology Review