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Dongle brings digital TV to iPhone

Now, where's that pesky digital TV app?

Japanese iPhone users pining for the 1-seg mobile TV tuners common in home-grown handsets now have an option in the shape of a very odd combo dongle.

The ¥10,000 (£62) iPhone 3G 1-Seg Tuner will arrive in December bringing with it a surprise – it's also an external battery pack. Charging the device can be done by USB or AC, while it connects to the iPhone's mini USB socket to pass the power along.

App Store download

The TV part of the equation is also unusual, as the tuner can be kept in a bag or pocket, with the TV signal being relayed to the iPhone by Wi-Fi. Naturally, There'll be an App Store download to enable the whole shebang.

Softbank says the 80g unit can deliver three hours of TV viewing but not how much juice it can add to the iPhone's battery. Given the clunky nature of the arrangement, we can't see too many punters willing to find out, though.