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Apple to name next handset iPhone 5 after all?

Apple to name next handset iPhone 5 after all?
iPhone 5,2 - it's got a certain ring to it, right?

Apple might stick to the name we've all adopted for its next handset but assumed it would never use – iPhone 5.

The new iPhone will be the sixth handset from the Cupertino-based firm, which makes the iPhone 5 name a little confusing, with the iPhone 4S actually being the fifth mobile in Apple's range.

However according to a leaked server log from a "reliable" TechCrunch source, that's exactly what Apple may be planning to call it.

Comma again?

The source captured a screen grab of a server log which listed a model called "iPhone5,2" – which apparently exists along side "iPhone5,1" – two models Apple is supposedly testing.

The source did not disclose any other information surrounding the new iPhone, which is thought to be arriving in September or October, with September 12 being a popular date in the rumour mill at this time.

Unfortunately we're still unclear what the next generation of iPhone will bring us, but it's reckoned it will sport a bigger screen, new design, faster processor and NFC technology, but we'll have to wait and see.

From TechCrunch