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Sony Ericsson: higher sales value than Nokia in Taiwan

Sony Ericsson rallies in Taiwan
Sony Ericsson rallies in Taiwan

It's been a tough year for Sony Ericsson, what with poor handset sales, slipping profits, and dropping to fifth in the global manufacturer stakes.

But at least the brand is rallying in Taiwan, a country that's really starting to embrace 3G technology.

According to Chinese language Economic Daily News, SE has overtaken Nokia in terms of overall sales, though is still behind in actual handsets shifted.

Sales up, cash down

SE took 31.6 per cent of the sales compared to Nokia's 30.8 per cent of cash value, according to a number of retail sources.

However, Nokia still rocked out over 30 per cent of all handset sales, leaving SE trailing with less than a quarter at 24.8 per cent.

3G technology has been quickly growing in this territory, and SE has a greater number of handsets to cater for the technology.

Network operators have also been offering greater subsidies on the higher-end devices too, in a bid to encourage consumers to take on more data-heavy applications.

The penetration rate of 3G in Taiwan went up by nearly eight per cent in the last year, with market volume increasing significantly.