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iPhone 3G unlocked by Brazilian team

The iPhone 3G SIM unlocker
The iPhone 3G SIM unlocker

Brazilian DesbloqueioBr is claiming to be one of the first in the world to unlock the new iPhone 3G, just five days after its launch.

Using a small, wafer-thin device that sits on the SIM card, it basically tricks the iPhone 3G into thinking a test SIM has been inserted, thereby allowing full control with the new network.

No tools necessary

Previous versions using the same principle were available for the first generation iPhone, but needed tools and an unlocked phone. DesbloqueioBr's is nothing more than an additional chip.

Engadget has a video of the whole thing in action, which looks pretty simple and could be a nice early way of getting your iPhone to work with another network without disabling anything through unlocking it via software.

It just begs the question: how did you get your hands on one without shelling out for a contract?