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Could Garmin Nuviphone be running Android?

Garmin's Nuviphone (you remember the one... first mentioned over a year ago, looked a bit nice?) has finally passed through the hallowed halls of the FCC, meaning a 2009 release date looks ever more likely.

Designed to be the first ever 'GPS with a phone in it (that's still a good phone)', it has been seemingly mired in release limbo for a while.


But now it has passed through the FCC checks according to Engadget, and these have shown that the device will be manufactured by Asus, who have recently joined the Open Handset Alliance in charge of developing Android.

Oh, and guess who else has jumped on board the Android ship? That's right, Garmin. While we can understand why Asus would be getting involved, the only other option for Garmin to be there would be to develop some GPS software to integrate into the handsets.

But surely that could be done through the application marketplace? It makes far more sense for Garmin to get Android on a handset... now THAT would be a phone that could get the GPS makers into the public consciousness.

Garmin has been developing its own OS for the handset, but we'll do a little more digging to find out more... watch this space.