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Report: Sharp cuts 9.7-inch iPad display production as iPad mini flies

Report: Sharp cutting 9.7-inch iPad display production
Full size iPad sales may be on the wane

Japanese manufacturer Sharp has reportedly cut the number of full-size iPad screens it builds for Apple.

Reuters' sources have claimed that the production line at Sharp's Kameyama plant is running at the 'minimal' level required, just to keep it moving.

The report says a seasonal slowdown may be behind the diminishing production levels as Apple manages its inventory, while analysts believe sales may drop by 40 per cent over Apple's Q4 figures.

Reuters also speculates that demand for Apple's iPad mini over the 9.7-inch tablet may be the cause. The 7.9-inch version has proved to be a massive hit with punters since its launch in October.

Neither Apple nor Sharp have commented on the reports.

Demand down?

Analysts Macquarie Research believe that Apple's full-size iPad will fall from 13 million to around 8 million when it announces its next set of figures.

This may be down to the iPad mini, but also due to high-quality, low-cost Android options like the Amazon Kindle Fire or Google Nexus 7.

The report follows claims that Apple has slashed orders for its iPhone 5 smartphone, due to falling demand. The speculation sent Apple stocks below $500 for the first time in months.

Via Reuters