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Is Nokia considering a keyboard-equipped tablet?

Patent details kickstand Nokia tablet
Colour by numbers - Nokia edition

It look as though Nokia has been considering a tablet in the vein of Microsoft's Surface, filing a patent application for a very similar device of its own.

The patent, which was filed months before Microsoft announced its Surface RT tablet, outlines an "apparatus cover with keyboard" that is clearly outline in the accompanying pictures.

As well as a kickstand feature, the tablet could supposedly be folded up in several different ways like some sort of tablet transformer.

Bubbling under the surface

However, we know that Nokia has been working on a Windows 8 tablet of some form for some time, the state of which is currently unknown.

However it's unlikely that Windows RT was in mind when Nokia filed the patent back in 2011 as Microsoft had not released information about that OS at the time.

As the old saying goes, never trust a patent to materialise when a swallow dips beneath the bush... or something. But while Nokia has so far failed to deliver a Windows tablet so far, something could still be bubbling under the surface.

Via Engadget