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Acer teases arm-packing notebook in non sequitur Star Trek spot

New Acer notebook 'hinges' on a different design

In a dual-marketing campaign that's admittedly cooler than Huawei's duet with the Jonas Brothers, Acer is advertising its Windows 8 notebooks alongside the forthcoming Star Trek: Into Darkness feature film.

The "Explore Beyond Limits" spots awkwardly splice scenes from the film with glamor shots of Acer products, but today's video teases a never before seen notebook that definitely piques our interest.

The gadget appears to be able to transform from a laptop into desktop-ish form thanks to an arm that slides out from the back of the screen, extending it beyond typical notebook display height.

The unnamed device looks quite thick when it's in regular laptop form, but we won't know what the actual dimensions are until it's announced May 3.

It doesn't make sense...

There are no perceivable tie-ins between the film and the notebook, but that never stopped two brands from co-promoting before, has it?

Into Darkness hits theaters May 17, so look for more shared promos between the Trekkies and Acer.

Via The Verge