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Sony hacker takes up a job at Facebook

Facebook - now with added GeoHot
Facebook - now with added GeoHot

George Hotz, a hacker who managed to jailbreak the PS3, is now working for Facebook and it seems he will be helping the social network on its iOS app output.

This is according to SlashGear, which has figured out through various Facebook posts and a shout out in a developer podcast that GeoHot (to give him his hacking name) is now working under the tutelage of the social network.

As it hasn't been made official, it is not yet understood quite what Hotz is working on. It does look as if he will be helping out with iOS apps for the company, though.

Status update

It was revealed last week that Facebook was working on an iPad app and GeoHot has got some history with iOS, given that he was the creator of the limra1n exploit – which was the basis of the recent iOS 5 jailbreak.

In a Facebook update, Hotz pretty much confirmed he was a Facebook employee, stating that he had just come back from one of the company's hackathons.

It must have been nice for him to go to something that was to do with hacking a big corporate company, without the fear that the internet thought police were just around the corner ready to nab him.