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Instagram's new app brings cinematic time-lapses to the mainstream

Instagram launches time-lapse app
Time to try your hand at a bit of filmmaking?

Instragram hopes that its latest Hyperlapse standalone app can get us all creating cinematic time-lapse videos with our smartphone cameras, before converting those clips for sharing with friends.

Although precious few of us actually want to watch your commute to work, or half marathon compressed into 60 seconds, the feature does boast stabilisation tech to allow you to create your Michael Bay-alike offerings.

Instragram suggests that simplicity is the key for the new feature, with videos being converted in a few clicks and then shared to the bemusement of your loved ones, friends and the bots who follow you on the pic-focused social network



The new app is available from right about now, but only for iOS - with no announcement of availability for Android. You can see a video of the app working over on Instagram's blog.