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PSPGo devs look to the iPhone

PSPGo games to be cheap as chips
PSPGo games to be cheap as chips

Forget the Nintendo DS, Sony is eyeing up the iPhone as the main rival to the PSPGo.

According to a leaked report on Kotaku, Sony is to make sure that the prices for downloadable games for the handheld are to be in line with what Apple is offering, and the company is even looking to iPhone games devs to port games for Sony.

iPhone rival

This does make a lot of sense. Apple's app store is riddled with games and a lot of the advertising given to the iPhone focuses on the gaming aspect of the device.

Price-wise, it looks likely that some games will be available on the PlayStation Network for as low as 85p (€1).

Obviously, the games for this price will be more throwaway than last year's Christmas jumper your Nan knitted, but at least is shows that whatever your budget the now-discless PSP will cater for all.

Via Kotaku