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Sony says PS3 nailed on to hit sales target

Kaz Hirai has to stick to the party line to avoid undermining the PS3.

We could hardly have expected anything different, but Sony's PlayStation president, Kaz Hirai, has pushed the boat out and predicted that the PlayStation 3 will in fact reach its global target of 11 million sales by the end of the current financial year.

The SCEI chief is sticking to the party line in spite of sales of just 710,000 in the first quarter of fiscal 2007 - the accounting year runs until the end of next March.

New games to drive demand

He claims to base his prediction on an upsurge in demand for the PS3 when the various new games unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show last week hit the market shortly.

What Hirai didn't state explicitly, however, is that a price cut and a larger hard drive in the flagging console are almost certainly essential if Sony is to get anywhere near 11 million boxes out the door. Come third-quarter sales figures in January, we know where the smart money will be.