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Five Galaxy A series phones in 10 top- selling phones globally

Galaxy A series phones
(Image credit: Samsung)
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Samsung recently broke into the top 5 of the best global brands. It also became the top selling smartphone in India recently. It has also bested Apple as the top-selling phone in the US for the first time recently.

The good news keeps coming for the South Korean electronics giant. The latest is that out of the top ten best-selling smartphones globally, five devices were made by Samsung.

And as it happened, all of them belong to the Galaxy A series.

According to the global research firm Canalys, in the global top 10 smartphones based on sales volume for the third quarter of the year, five Samsung devices find a place, and they are:  Galaxy A21s, Galaxy A11, Galaxy A51, Galaxy A31 and Galaxy A01 Core.

Samsung riding high on uptick in demand

The thing to note is though Samsung lost out the first and second place to the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE, it far exceeded Apple in terms of total shipments.

And three of its devices --- Galaxy A21s, Galaxy A11, Galaxy A51 --- took up the third to fifth spots.  

As per Canalys, Samsung’s smartphone shipments in Q3 touched 80.2 million units. This made up for 23% of the global smartphone market share. Apple, for its part, shipped 43.2 million units, ranking fourth in the market at 12.4%. Huawei came in second (51.7 million units, 14.9%) while Xiaomi ranked third (47.1 million, 13.5%).  

Samsung is said to be riding high on the consumer consumption that is picking up in the third quarter of the year.

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Samsung positions itself for more online sales

It was particularly helped by stronger sales in Southeast Asia, India, Russia, and other emerging markets.

“Samsung Electronics had expanded lower to mid-range line up in the emerging market, boosted by various marketing activities including online discounts and free delivery service," Canalys said.

"In many regions it saw pent-up demand from Q2 spill over into Q3. It regained second place in India, as its Korean brand was shielded from anti-Chinese sentiment."

Samsung is now positioning for more online sales as it launches exclusive online devices, such as the Galaxy F series for Flipkart.

Via: Canalys

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