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Sapphire unveils adaptor for Eyefinity monitors

Sapphire's adaptor
Sapphire's adaptor

Sapphire has announced a lower cost solution to using AMD's Eyefinity technology, unveiling a DisplayPort to Single Link DVI adaptor.

Although Eyefinity has proven to be a popular idea, the prospect of getting hold of a third monitor with the still-expensive DisplayPort has perhaps held it back.

Sapphire is hoping that its adaptor will now give gamers who want to use multiple monitors another option.

Third monitor woe?

"Eyefinity mode requires the third monitor to be either a DisplayPort (DP) monitor or a monitor connected with an active adapter to synchronise the signals for a DVI or HDMI monitor," explains Sapphire.

"Earlier active DP to Dual Link DVI adapters were considered to be too expensive by many users who did not need ultra high resolution.

"Sapphire's new DP to Single Link DVI adapter is an active solution in a short pigtail format with DP plug to DVI female connector that allows users to connect DVI monitors with resolutions of up to 1920 x 1200."

It's an obvious solution to the problem, and gamers on a (frankly, medium sized) budget now have another option if they want to add a third monitor.