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Lenovo Arcade Dock mod will bring the kid out in you

Lenovo showed off some impressive things at CES Unveiled this year, but the coolest of the lot was a mod that turns your laptop into an Arcade gaming machine.

Simply called the Arcade Dock, the mod uses an IdeaPad Y560 and makes your computer look like it belongs on the pier in Brighton.

Lenovo arcade dock

The arcade game chassis is just like the one you kicked your mate's butts at Street Fighter 2 on and would look very special in your home – especially if you are lucky enough to have a games room.

Lenovo arcade dock

Made by Dean Liou in just 10 days, the cabinet has been customised so you can use your Y560 laptop as a mini arcade.

The top of the arcade chassis is backlit with Lenovo branding and the whole thing is plug and play courtesy of USB.

Lenovo arcade dock

If you want to learn more about the the mod kit, then head over to

Lenovo arcade dock

You might want to wipe the drool from your keyboard first, though.

Marc Chacksfield

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