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Best portable speakers under Rs 5,000 (March 2017)

Technological evolution is not only limited to smartphones or wearables, it has also shaped up many other products that are often missed out from the list. Off all such gadgets, portable speakers have also seen major developments in recent years. Bluetooth helped to get rid of the clumsy wire setup from the speakers, and the portability factor came in later in the picture.

Portability is the demand of hour, be it speakers or any other gadget that we require on the go. Till now, portable speakers are used as the only audio source on the go. Comparing the initially launched portable speakers and the ones from today, there is a huge difference in quality of sound, and features built in it.

Unlike before, it is now possible to get a good quality portable speaker at reasonable price. To make it a little easier for you to pick the best portable speaker, we have compiled a list of best portable speakers under Rs 5,000.

Some of the products are launched at a higher price than Rs 5000, but all of them cost under this price if you get them at the best buying price.

1/5 Logitech X300

For its price, Logitech X300 is a commendable product from Logitech. It sports an impressive design, good build quality and most importantly great battery life. You might experience slight inconsistency in the audio quality but the loudness is next level.

If you want to stay light on budget and still want the worth out of that money, then X300 is a smart choice any day.

2/5 Creative Muvo 20

When it comes to quality in portable speakers, Creative always had an upper hand in this segment. Creative Muvo 20 boasts of a different yet good-looking design, and a great build quality.

It supports hi-definition audio codec for seamless sound output, that is the main selling point of these speakers. Its 8-9 hours battery life and built-in features are nothing but like a cherry on the cake.

3/5 JBL Flip 2

It is designed to be used both horizontally and vertically due to its round design, which is pretty common in many JBL speakers. Given the small size, the Flip 2 does a fine job to get the best sound for you in such compact form factor.

It has all the basic features like NFC, speakerphone etc. and has cleaner and smoother bass output compared to the previous iteration of JBL Flip. The only downside of the speaker is its battery life, which is around 4 hours.

4/5 Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speakers

These are the only portable speaker which had an increase in its price by Rs 500 after sensing the high demand. It outperforms most other portable speakers in its segment by a huge huge margin. The bass levels are high and distortion control is also very impressive.

The build quality is solid, and the minimalistic metal design makes it look neat. In short, I can assure that you will not be disappointed after spending your cash on this portable speaker.

5/5 Creative Muvo Mini

It is the only speaker in the list that can resist water and still has a style of its own. In terms of sound quality, it is almost the same that you get on the Creative Muvo 20 mentioned above. It comes with all the basic features, but the IP66 certification makes it special. Although you cannot take it to swimming but it does a good job for a poolside party.

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