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Marantz launches all-in-one music player

The Marantz CR502
The Marantz CR502

Marantz, usually known for its luxury hi-fi output, has announced the arrival of an all-in-one music system.

Not that the company is shying away from its lux tag, promising that "the CR502 frees-up living space, but never at the expense of sound quality or system functionality."

100W music output

The CR502 comprises two stereo amplifiers, each with 2 x 25W, adding up to 100W of music output.

The player comes complete with a CD drive and DAB tuner. If you want to use the machine for something other that compact discs and radio, there's also a selection of inputs and outputs and the inclusion of a USB2.0 port..

This is all packed into an aluminium chassis that is designed to be compact but "more than a micro system".

There's even a clock radio and alarm with sleep functions, which is handy. At £499, however, if you are using the CR502 as a clock radio, it may well be the most expensive one you will ever buy.