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Apple silently introduces international warranty on iPhones

Apple India has started providing international warranty on iPhones in India, allowing you to claim warranty on iPhones purchased outside of India. It is worth noting that this only applies to factory unlocked models and not carrier-locked devices, regardless of their lock status.

Apple is well known for its after-sales support and this latest move to provide international warranty on iPhones comes as a very good news for Apple users. You will now be able to purchase a factory unlocked iPhone outside India and claim warranty in India if something goes wrong with your device.

So far, Apple has been providing international warranty on a range of products, including Mac devices, iPads and more. In some instances, users have often reported that they could get their devices fixed at Apple authorized service centres, even though the iPhones were purchased outside India. However, this is out of luck and not as a part of company policy.

That changes today, though, as users can now purchase unlocked iPhones outside India and claim warranty here. Users don’t have to subscribe to Apple Care either to be able to do this. Given the high prices of iPhones in India, global warranty should make things better for Apple customers.

Other companies to follow Apple?

It will be interesting to see if other companies also start providing global warranties on their phones in India. Some companies like Samsung provide users with an option to get their displays replaced once in case of damage, so it wouldn’t be too farfetched to imagine that Samsung would follow Apple in providing international warranty, even if it is only limited to flagship products.

Rounak Jain

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