8 essential projects for the weekend

8 essential projects for the weekend

Three day weekends are great, with the extra day giving you more time to do all the little things you sometimes neglect during shorter weekends.

If you're in the UK or US then you may get to enjoy a longer weekend, so why not use that extra time to tackle some of these essential projects?

They'll help you improve the gadgets and gizmos in your home, making your tech better than ever before.

Get started with Total War: Warhammer

8 essential projects for the weekend

Total War: Warhammer launched earlier this week, and it's a fantastic game that blends the strategy of Total War with the high fantasy of the Warhammer table top games.

It can be pretty complicated, however, so if you want to defend the Empire from the legions of Chaos, or wage Waaagh with the Greenskins, then check out our beginner's guide to Total War: Warhammer.

Block nuisance calls with just a text

8 essential projects for the weekend

In the UK a new service has started that lets you block annoying phone calls from scammers and unsolicited businesses by just sending a text. To find out how check out our guide on how to block nuisance calls with just a text.

If you're not in the UK, we also show you other methods of blocking unwanted calls.

Get the most out of Apple's Handoff feature

8 essential projects for the weekend

Apple's Handoff feature lets you seamlessly move from working on a document, writing an email, and much more, on your Mac to working on your iPhone or iPad.

It's an incredibly useful feature, so check out our how to get the most out of Apple's Handoff feature guide to find out how to make use of it.

Shoot amazing videos with your camera

8 essential projects for the weekend

Going somewhere exciting this weekend? Turn your digital camera into a brilliant camcorder and record amazing home videos with our guide on how to shoot amazing videos with your camera.

Everything you need to know about Linux Commands

8 essential projects for the weekend

Making the jump to Linux? It's not that scary – honest! In our complete guide to Linux Commands we show you everything you need to get started with the command line.

It's a big, comprehensive, read, so a nice long weekend is the perfect time to brush up on your Linux skills.

Keep your phone safe and secure

8 essential projects for the weekend

Losing our smartphone can be a real nightmare, so to help prevent that happening – and to minimise the disruption caused if it does happen – then make sure you follow our 10 tips to keep your phone safe and secure.

Fix any Android problem

8 essential projects for the weekend

Here's a little secret: most Android problems can be fixed easily by only a couple of easy to follow processes. We've gathered them all together in our guide to fixing any Android problem – just follow these steps and you'll get any Android device up and running again.

How to beat a browser hijacker

8 essential projects for the weekend

Having your web browser hijacked is no fun at all. Your bookmarks and home page change and you could be infected with some nasty piece of malware.

In our guide on how to beat a browser hijacker, we'll show you what you can do to prevent this nightmare scenario happening to you.

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