115 essential iOS 10 tips and tricks

Spend less time on your iPhone thanks to iOS 10

59. Get to grips with the new Music app

In the new-look Music app, tap Library (bottom left) to browse your collection, including playlists. At the top of this page are various ways to browse, such as by artist, album or song title. 

Tap Edit to add music videos, genres, compilations and composers, or to turn off anything you don’t need. Drag on the grips to the right to reorder these items, then tap Done.

60. Use the MiniPlayer

To see tracks coming up after the current one, tap the MiniPlayer’s bar at the bottom of the screen, then swipe upwards on the expanded MiniPlayer.

61. Quickly view downloaded music

'Downloaded Music' is a view in its own right, rather than a switch you can toggle. Like in iOS 9, it adds a bar to the top of the screen as a reminder you’re not seeing everything from your library in iOS 10.

No matter how deep you go into this view, you only need to tap Library to see all your music again in an instant.

62. Quickly shuffle and loop music

Swipe upwards on the expanded MiniPlayer to access shuffle and loop playback controls. 

If the items in the queue are the contents of an album or playlist, enabling shuffle has an immediately visible effect on their order.

63. Turn back time

The queue no longer scrolls back in time. Instead, tap For You; its top row shows albums from which you’ve recently played tracks, just not the exact songs. 

Tap See All next to it to see a longer history.

64. Split view in the Music app 

The Music app now works with Split View on supported iPads – handy if you want to check out an artist’s output while reading about them, say.

65. Protect space

To prevent iOS 10 removing music from your device’s storage to make room for other stuff, go to Settings > Music > Downloads > Optimise Storage and pick the minimum amount you want to keep around. 

This only appears if iCloud Music Library is enabled.

66. Sort out automatic downloads

The adjacent Automatic Downloads switch differs from the one in Settings > iTunes & App Store; whereas the latter downloads iTunes Store tracks no matter the device you bought them on, this one downloads tracks added to your iCloud Music Library even if imported from a CD or another store on your Mac. 

Ensure that you have switched on iCloud Music Library on all relevant devices.

67. Adjust playback quality of videos

In Settings > Videos there are separate playback quality settings for Wi-Fi and mobile networks, with a choice of ‘Best Available’ or ‘Good’ for each. 

You can still disable the app’s ability to use mobile data.

68. Your gaming profile

The Game Center app no longer exists in iOS 10. However, its services remain available for games to use, though they must provide an interface for leaderboards and the like. 

To set your nickname and specify whether your profile should be publicly visible, go to Settings > Game Center.

69. Handle screen recording

Games can incorporate screen recording, which saves to the Camera Roll. If your kids might not understand the consequences of this for storage, it can be disabled in Settings > General > Restrictions > Screen Recording.