115 essential iOS 10 tips and tricks

20. Find Today view

Notification Centre and Control Centre are still accessed with swipes inwards from the top and bottom screen edges, respectively, but Today view has been moved: swipe right on the Lock or Home screen.

21. Use your finger to open iOS 10

Raise to Wake is complemented by a setting that unlocks a device with Touch ID without even pressing Home: Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button > Rest Finger to Open. 

Though intended for people with motor difficulties, this is helpful on large iPhones, where pressing might cause you to lose your grip on the device.

22. New look Control Center

Swipe up from the screen’s bottom edge to see the new-look Control Center. At first it seems to have fewer controls than in iOS 9. 

Swipe left to bring a second card of controls into view. On the first one, it’s clearer when features in the top row are active thanks to stronger use of colour.

23. Control media

Video and audio streaming controls are split between cards in Control Centre. To send video to an Apple TV, tap AirPlay Mirroring on the first card. 

To choose an audio output, which might use AirPlay, Bluetooth or even a cabled connection, tap the bottom row on the second card, or in the right column on iPad.

24. 3D Touch and the Control Center

Apply 3D Touch to the flashlight or various app shortcuts in the first card’s bottom row to: choose from one of three flashlight brightnesses; set a 1, 5, 20 or 60-minute timer; copy Calculator’s last result; or jump straight into photo, video, slo-mo, or selfie camera mode.

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