What time is the the Apple March Event 2022, and how can I watch it?

Apple March 2022 Event
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There's an Apple March event happening today, and you don't have long to wait - plus, we're expecting loads of new tech to show up.

It's going to be one of the biggest tech launches in early 2022, so it's natural that you'll want to know how to watch the Apple event, including when it kicks off and what could debut.

Our own Lance Ulanoff even suspects that the teaser video tweeted out by Apple exec Greg Joswiak might be a demonstration of Apple's new Apple Glasses AR headset that we've been anticipating. If so, that would obviously be a pretty huge deal (although sadly, recent leaks have poured scorn over that).

We're going to be covering the lead up to the event with our Apple March event liveblog all week with analysis, expectations, and rumors, so definitely keep an eye on that over the next couple of days.

Given all the possible products we might see at today's March 8 event, this is definitely going to be one you'll want to be tuned intp, so here's how to watch Apple's March event as it happens.

When is the Apple event?

Apple's March event takes place on March 8, and the company has scheduled it so it's within waking hours for most countries that TechRadar writes in - how convenient!

That means it kicks off at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm GMT / 2am ACT. Sorry if you live in Australia, but you'll be able to catch up on all our coverage the next morning.

Depending on what we see, the event could be as short as an hour, but if there's lots of tech it could stretch to two or even two and a half hours.

How to watch Apple's March 8 event

If you want to know how to watch Apple's March 8 event, you're in luck: we've gone and embedded the event's livestream below, so once the event is live you can follow along with us as we live blog the various reveals.

You can also head over to YouTube and watch it there as well.

We expect that there will be more places hosting the livestream posted ahead of the event like Twitter and Facebook, so we'll post links to those streams as well once they go live.

You can also go to the events page on Apple's site for more details and places to watch the stream.

Our Apple event predictions

If you want a whole exploration of what we could and might not see at the Apple March event, we've written a whole article on that here, but let's give you a quick look below too.

These are the things we've highly confident will show up, not just things we've pulled out of thin air.

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