Here's how to finally get Netflix HDR streaming on Windows 10

Is your PC your primary way of streaming the latest shows and movies from Netflix? Then you've got a little pre-Christmas gift awaiting you – you'll finally be able to use your Windows 10 computer to stream shows in their full HDR-enabled glory.

The High Dynamic Range update is available so long as you're using the Windows 10 Netflix app, or the Edge browser. But your minimum system specs will need to be of a certain calibre before you can take full advantage of the update.

Your Windows 10 PC or convertible tablet will have to be making use of at least a 7th-generation Intel Core processor (it doesn't matter if it's an i3, i5 or i7), while those using integrated Intel graphics will need to make sure its at driver 22.xx.xx series version 4708 or higher. 

Spec specifics

Dedicated GPUs also have some specific requirements, with Nvidia users needing at least a GTX 1050 card or newer, with 3GB or RAM, running driver 387.63 ( or higher. Windows 10 must also be updated to the Fall Creators Update, running at least version 1703.

High Dynamic Range is considered by most A/V buffs to be at least as important as 4K resolution in improving picture quality, if not more so. It pushes the peak brightness levels in a scene higher, making the contrast between the dark and light sources in a scene more pronounced when required. As a result though, it also requires top-of-the-line new screen tech, only now just coming to PC monitors and displays, and limited to pricier TVs from the past three or so years.

To make use of HDR features of Netflix, you'll also have to cough up for the more expensive premium plan, which ups the number of simultaneous streams you can have running (perfect for sharing with a family) while also unlocking the 4K streaming resolution tier. It's well worth it though, making the best Netflix shows really sing.

Gerald Lynch

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