Quick! Dyson's most advanced cordless vacuum is at a record-low price on Amazon

Dyson V15 Detect Pro​ cordless vacuum cleaner
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Need as much power as you can get? Grab the Dyson V15 Detect Pro
cordless vacuum cleaner at Amazon for $649.99 (was $749.99). When compared to dozens of other cordless options, we found the V15 to be the most powerful. With $100 off one of the most popular Dyson vacuum cleaners ever, there's no better time to get this cordless powerhouse.

Dyson is a household name and for good reason. Even though all their models are on the more expensive side, all of them do a fantastic job of sucking up dust and debris. The lightweight body makes it one of the easiest vacuums to move around any space.

Today's best Dyson V15 Detect Pro cordless vacuum deal

Dyson V15 Detect Pro cordless vacuum:$749.99$649.99 at Amazon

Dyson V15 Detect Pro cordless vacuum: was $749.99 now $649.99 at Amazon
The V15 Detect is an absolute powerhouse that has always attracted a premium price tag. The 13% $100 price reduction makes it more affordable but it's still more expensive than a lot of its competitors. 2 hours of runtime, intelligent debris detection, and an LCD screen help make cleaning your floors an absolute breeze.

The Dyson V15 Detect is one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners on the market. two hours of running time make it ideal for any size home and the charging mount means it'll always be fully charged when you need it most. The automatic suction power adjustment based on floor type and debris found helps to further preserve the battery.

When testing the Dyson V15 we found it excelled when cleaning hard floors, thanks to the inclusion of a laser that highlights microscopic dust invisible to the human eye.  The motor generates 230 air watts, with the acoustic piezo sensor using sound to track the number and type of dust particles the vacuum collects. All this information is displayed on the LCD screen.

The V15 Detect is our premium pick in our Best Vacuum Cleaners guide but we've also included a range of options based on budget and requirements. All of the Best cordless vacuums have been tested, whether you need something specifically for pet-hair and small spills.

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