Dyson makes its official Amazon AU debut with 37% off the Gen5detect Absolute stick vacuum

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Finally! Dyson now officially has a storefront on Amazon, allowing you to peruse its products through the Amazon webpage, while ensuring any purchases you make are backed by Dyson's excellent customer service, warranties and repairs. 

The best part, though, is that Dyson is celebrating this big move with some blow-away deals on some of its best products. You can save more than AU$400 on the V11 Advanced cordless vacuum cleaner, AU$97 on the Dyson Airwrap, and take 40% off the V8 Extra stick vacuum. However, our pick of the debut deals has to be the 37% saving on the Gen5detect Absolute stick vacuum cleaner.

Dyson Gen5detect Absolute | AU$1,549 AU$975 on Amazon

Dyson Gen5detect Absolute | AU$1,549 AU$975 on Amazon (save AU$574)

Dyson's most powerful cordless vacuum that uses HEPA filtration, the Gen5detect vacuum will trap 99.99% of particles as tiny as 0.1 microns – that's debris as small as 0.1mm, so small you might not even know to clean it. The Gen5detect also has a blade of light to reveal twice as much invisible dust, and up to 70 minutes of run time. Pick-up this deal and suck-up all the dust in your home with ease.

Alternatively, you can snap it up at Dyson’s own store with a AU$571 discount

Great stick vacuums offer plenty of power, as well as a faster, easier and more versatile clean than the best upright vacuums. You don't need to pull your shoulder out of its socket pulling it out of the cupboard or spend 10 minutes plugging and unplugging it from the wall sockets. Nor do you need a completely separate handheld machine to get those pesky cobwebs in the corner or that weird little crevice between the fridge and counter.

The best cordless vacuums are jacks of all trades, just as capable of taking on the entire house as they are being quickly pulled out to suck up any debris from the mug you dropped or hiding the evidence of your secret fast-food binge locked away in the car. 

While it might not actually sit within our list of the best stick vacuums, you can blame Dyson making too many awesome products and the need for various categories for that. In our Dyson Gen5detect review, we called it a great vacuum that was held back by its suffocating price tag. Well, this Amazon deal fixes that gripe, as you can now snag it for less than AU$1,000, making it far greater value.

Offering supreme suction, a runtime that beats out a majority of the best stick vacuums at 70 minutes, the ability to adapt suction power to different floor types as well as automatically de-tangling hair from the brush bar as you clean, the Gen5detect makes cleaning easy. Even down to swappable batteries, no-touch bin emptying, an out-of-the-way wall charging dock and a washable lifetime HEPA filter. If you want a vacuum that's easy to use, care for and will last, this is the deal for you.

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