This super-cheap smart home gadget is a bargain for £5 ahead of Black Friday

Amazon Echo Flex
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As much as I like the idea of the capabilities and convenience of smart home tech, the devices are always a little more expensive than I'd like to pay for what is a cool but necessary luxury. I think that's all about to change, though. Amazon has just dropped the price of its compact and super-useful smart device by £20, and I'm tempted to snap up an Echo Flex for just £4.99.

It's a massive bargain as we head into the Black Friday deals season. It's also the cheapest price I've ever seen for the Echo Flex – and there's absolutely no way this smart device is going to be any cheaper next month during the big sales period, so there's no need to wait around.

Amazon Echo Flex for £5 - save £20

Echo Flex: was

Echo Flex: was £24.99 now £4.99 at Amazon
The Echo Flex is a super useful and super cheap smart home gadget - and now it's just a fiver. You simply plug it into an available socket to add Alexa and other smart features to your space. This includes voice controls for lights and thermostats, a speaker to answer your questions or check the weather, a USB port to charge your phone, and more. It can also connect to external devices such as speakers so you can control the music that's played or a Ring Doorbell so you can add more chimes throughout the home. An early Black Friday bargain.

The reason I'm hovering over the buy button is because the Echo Flex does a lot for such a cheap price. There are all the standard smart speaker features you'd expect, including the ability to ask questions through Alexa and use voice commands to control other devices such as lights, locks, and heating.

But there are many other handy extras like the ability to charge your phone through the attached USB port, connect to external speakers to play and control music or sync the Echo Flex to your Ring Doorbell to add more chimes throughout the home. With multiple Echo Flex, you can even set up a home intercom and talk with various rooms throughout your house.

It's a device we've tested, too, and that we called a 'mini marvel' in our Amazon Echo Flex review. The speaker is weak and tinny, but the sheer amount of functionality and connectivity features that are included in such a compact package – and all for just five pounds – make it the best early Black Friday bargain we've seen so far.

James Pickard
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