Apple AirTags are on sale at Amazon right now – but don't buy them yet

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In today’s mile-a-minute world, it can be easy to lose track of the small things – and I mean that literally, as well as metaphorically. Apple’s AirTags are a great way to keep tabs on the whereabouts of your seemingly anthropomorphic keys, wallet or suitcase, but they’re far from an affordable solution, especially if you need more than one.

Thank the discount gods, then, for this year’s Black Friday deals season, which has seen Amazon slash the price of Apple’s AirTags by a welcome few dollars (or pounds, if you’re in the UK). Right now, you can pick up a single AirTag for $27 (down from $29) at Amazon in the US, or a four-pack for $86.88 (down from $99) at the same retailer. In the UK, a single AirTag now costs just £29 (down from £35), while the same four-pack costs £99 (down from £119). Discounted two- and three-packs are available at Amazon in the UK, too.

Many of these new AirTag prices represent 30-day lows, and they’re not terrible discounts, by any means (especially when it comes to the multi-pack offers). That said, if you’re in the market for an AirTag this sales season, we think you’re better off waiting another week before taking the plunge on any one of these Amazon AirTag deals.

Here at TechRadar, we can track the price history of all products listed on Amazon, and it looks as though almost every aforementioned AirTag deal hit an even lower price around Black Friday proper last year (November 25). In the US, for instance, the single AirTag dropped to just $22.48 on November 21, while the four-pack dropped to $74.98 on the same day. In the UK, the single AirTag dropped to £26 on November 28 (so, just after Black Friday), and the four-pack dropped to just £79.02 all the way back in May 2022.

All four prices represent better AirTag deals than those currently offered by Amazon, and although there’s no guarantee that the retailer will offer comparable discounts on corresponding days this year, we think there’s a good chance that the single and four-pack AirTags will drop to even lower prices on or around Black Friday itself (which falls on November 24 this year).

If and when they do, we’ll publish a dedicated deals post highlighting those new AirTag prices, but in the meantime, we suggest you keep tabs on our Black Friday Apple deals page, for the latest Apple-related deal updates.

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