This Ring Camera is just £30 for Black Friday and I'm buying one to spy on my cat

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If there’s one thing that is always worth investing in, it’s your safety and security. And with Black Friday upon us, it's a great time to pick up a bargain on one of Amazon's Ring Video Doorbells. If you love staring at your pets as much as I do, Black Friday Ring Doorbell deals allow you to adore your animal companion from work. 

You can now secure your pet spy cam down for 40% off from £49.99 down to £29.99 at Amazon. 

Since Amazon acquired the outdoor home security company in 2018, Ring products have often seen some of the biggest price slashes during the big sales event, which means that there’s no better time than now to grab yourself one of the best Ring Indoor Cameras. Not only will it give your peace of mind, but the amazing ability to snoop on your pets too.

If you're digging this deal but based in the US, don't worry! The retailer is spreading the love and has slashed the cost in half for the 2nd gen Ring Indoor Cam, taking it down from $59.99 to $29.99 on Amazon right now. That's 50% off the versatile camera,  allowing you to do your spying for a lot cheaper. 

Today's best Black Friday Ring Indoor Cam deal - US

Ring Indoor Camera: was $59.99 now $29.99 at Amazon

Ring Indoor Camera: was $59.99 now $29.99 at Amazon
Get 50% off the all new Ring Indoor Cam and take advantage of the improved video quality, two-way audio capabilities and Alexa compatibility. Get real-time alerts when the camera detects movement, and keep an eye on your furry friend day and night with Live View and Color Night Vision. 

Today's best Black Friday Ring Indoor Cam deal - UK

Ring Indoor Camera: was £49.99

Ring Indoor Camera: was £49.99 now £29.99 at Amazon
The Ring Indoor Camera (2nd Gen) brings necessary improvements to privacy and offers video security at a 40% discount. Two-way audio allows you to speak to anyone at home when you need it. It also lets you feel safe knowing that you can tap into your live video feed from wherever you are, letting you lovingly dote on your cats from work. 

In a few weeks, I’ll be getting a new kitten. I’m so excited for this ball of fur to completely take over my life, and I guarantee I’ll have some pretty intense separation anxiety. So, this Black Friday I’m going to be buying one of these nifty security cameras, setting it up in my home and adoring my new little friend from my phone wherever I am.

Our Ring Indoor Cam (2nd Gen) review scored the little camera an impressive four and a half stars, where it earned extra points for its compact design and affordability. As the second generation model, we saw improvements in the resolution of the video and (luckily for me) a lot more ease in installation.

Thanks to the Privacy Zones and Motion Zones, I can ensure the camera will only be recording my little pet and tap right into a live feed of his antics from my phone. Not only will I be able to make sure he is okay at all times, but with two-way audio, I’ll be able to speak and hear my new kitten as well!

The Ring Indoor Cam is simple, easy to install,  safe and costs just £29 this Black Friday.

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