Breathe easy with a whopping AU$381 off the latest Dyson Purifier Cool fan

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Amazon Australia doesn't usually sell and ship Dyson products, but this offer from a third-party seller is one that really can't be ignored. And while we're recommending a fan to keep you cool when most of the country is inching towards winter but, again, this deal is too good to be missed.

The Dyson Purifier Cool (TP07) was launched alongside the Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet in May 2023 in Australia, with the 'Purifier' moniker indicating this line is the latest from the popular British brand. 

Using the latest filtration standards, these Purifiers promise that "what goes inside, stays inside", in the company's own words. While we were impressed with the big purifier model in our Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet Formaldehyde review, we think the Purifier Cool (TP07) would suit more homes better, thanks to its smaller size and design.

It's also a lot cheaper, costing AU$949 at full price – currently down to AU$899 on the Dyson Australia online store – instead of the massive four-figure price tag of its bigger sibling. However, if you shop on Amazon, you can save a rather generous AU$381 on the Dyson Purifier Cool (TP07) and grab it for just AU$538. That's an absolute steal and, from what we can tell, the best price you can currently get on this product.

Dyson Purifier Cool (TP07) |AU$949AU$568

Dyson Purifier Cool (TP07) | AU$949 AU$568 (save AU$381)

The 'Purifier' range from Dyson is the British brand's latest series of purifiers, using better tech to make sure you and your family breathe easy. This cooling purifier uses the HEPA H13 standard of filters – the latest that ensure particles caught, stay caught, so the air you breathe is cleaner. It's discounted to AU$899 on the Dyson website, making this offer on Amazon a right steal!

What makes Dyson's latest Purifier range stand out is the use of a HEPA filter that complies with the H13 standard – the highest rating for a purification system. This means that the Purifier Cool (TP07) has a fully-sealed filtration system that can capture up to 99.95% of air particles as small as 0.1 microns, and Dyson says the filter will last you up to five years.

Thanks to its larger size than previous Dyson Pure fans, the Purifier Cool is capable of circulating clean air within a room up to 81sqm in size, which is quite impressive. Then there are nine sensors on the device itself to pick up various common pollutants, including volatile organic compounds (or VOCs) that can permeate a room from various sources, including cooking.

While it might be a fan, you can use it during cold, winter months as a draught-free purifier, then switch the fan on when it starts to warm up again. In either mode, the Purifier Cool is about 20% quieter than the previous Pure models thanks to design tweaks that reduce air turbulence inside the device. 

It comes with a remote control, but with Wi-Fi support, you can pair it to the MyDyson app. This will give you a full picture of what it's cleaning and how well, plus when you will need to change the filter. The MyDyson app will also automatically push out any firmware updates that be might released for the machine.

It's a good investment if you're keen on a new purifier, and very easy to recommend at the discounted price of AU$538. Hurry, though, as we have no idea how long this offer will last.

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