The Simba Black Friday sales are ending soon – last chance to get this top-rated mattress for a low price

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Cyber Monday has arrived and with it is your last chance to save big on a Simba mattress. The Simba mattress sale has cooled off since Black Friday, but there's still 45% off the Simba Hybrid Pro mattress. This is an excellent discount from Simba, and my top pick of the Cyber Monday mattress deals.

The Simba Hybrid Pro is a top-rated hybrid, a responsive and supportive bed that's most comfortable for back and stomach sleepers. It performed well in all our testing areas, which you can learn more about with our Simba Hybrid Pro mattress review. Temperature regulation was a particularly strong feature, thanks to the breathable spring layer and the naturally fresh wool top layer. It's also a premium buy, although the quality of the build and Simba's eco-friendly ethos helps justify the higher price point – the mattress is 100% recyclable, and Simba is a certified B-Corp. If you're on a tighter budget, check out the model down (read about that one in our Simba Hybrid Original review).

The Hybrid Pro mattress goes on sale quite frequently, but the price is rarely as good as this. And I don't think it will hang around for long. I expect to wave goodbye to this deal as we wave goodbye to Cyber Monday.

Simba Hybrid Pro mattress

Double size:  £1,599 £879.45 at Simba


Simba Hybrid Pro mattress

Double size:  
was £1,599 now from £879.45 at Simba

The Simba Hybrid Pro mattress combines cushioned foam with layers of supportive springs to create a mattress with a fresh take on the traditional feel. The foam is contouring without offering too much sink, while the mirco-coil layer provides ample pressure relief. The firmer feel is best for back and stomach sleepers, but those with a lightweight build might find it a little too hard. In our Simba Hybrid Pro review, we also praised how well it regulates temperature. 

Price history: The Simba Hybrid Pro mattress gets discounted semi-regularly, but this saving is unusually good. 45% off can get you a single for £637.45, and a king size is only £961.95. I don't expect to see this mattress for any cheaper before the year is out.

Extras: Simba gives you 200 nights to try the mattress and a 10-year guarantee. Right now, you'll also get a mattress protector added to your order for free.

Buy it if...

You sleep on your front or back: We rated the Simba Hybrid Pro an 8/10 on the firmness scale. This is better for front and back sleepers, who need a firmer support to keep the body comfortably aligned overnight.

You want a mattress with good response: Layers and layers of coils give the Simba Hybrid Pro a bouncy feel that allows for easy movement. It's similar to the traditional feel of a pocket-sprung mattress, but upper layers of foam provide more cushioning and better motion isolation.

You want an eco-friendly bed: Simba is the UK's first B-Corp sleep brand and sustainability is a key focus. The Hybrid Pro mattress is fully recyclable, made from more sustainable materials, and manufactured in the UK in a zero-waste facility.

Don't buy it if...

❌ You like a softer sleep surface: The firmer build of the Simba Hybrid Pro offers light cushioning, but it can feel too firm, especially for lightweight side sleepers. If you want something with more of a 'hug', try the Emma Original mattress. It's 20% off in the Emma Cyber Monday sale

❌ You need sturdy edges: While the Hybrid Pro does have an impressive build overall, the edge support is lacking. If you need to use the edge of the mattress to get out of bed, I recommend the Panda Bamboo Hybrid mattress. And right now, there's a rare 30% off Panda sale.

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