Simba Hybrid Pro vs Panda Bamboo Hybrid mattress: which premium hybrid is best?

An image of the Simba Hybrid Pro mattress next to an image of the Panda Bamboo Hybrid mattress
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Trying to choose between the Simba Hybrid Pro mattress and the Panda Bamboo mattress? You have a tough decision on your hands – these are some of the very best hybrid mattresses on the market. They have some similarly excellent features – top-notch temperature regulation, firm and reliable support, and surprisingly good motion isolation. They're both premium beds, but with the quality to justify the cost. Lucky for you, we're here to help you figure out which is the best mattress for you, and where you should invest your money. 

Our testing team has had a chance to properly try out both these beds, and you can learn more about their experiences with our Panda London Bamboo Hybrid mattress review and Simba Hybrid Pro mattress review

Overall, we rate the Panda as the better mattress, although it's a tight call. Both mattresses have a similar feel and price, but while the Simba has the more complex design, the Panda performed slightly better in our tests. Still, if you're a back or stomach sleeper after a bed with a firmer feel, then you're going to want to take a close look at this Simba Hybrid Pro vs Panda Bamboo hybrid mattress showdown.

Simba Hybrid Pro vs Panda Bamboo mattress: specs

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Header Cell - Column 0 Simba Hybrid ProPanda Bamboo Hybrid
MaterialsPocket springs, micro-coils, wool, Simbatex foam, other foamsSprings, bamboo-infused foams, orthopaedic foams, memory foam
CoverRemovable and washableRemovable and washable
Firmness (1-10)Officially 'medium-firm, we rate 8Officially 7, we rate 7.5
Trial period200 nights100 nights
Guarantee10 years10 years
Price bracketPremiumPremium
DoubleRRP £1,229RRP £1,290
SizesSingle, small double, double, king, superking, EU double, EU kingSingle, small double, double, king, super king, EU single, EU double, EU king, Emperor
DeliveryFree next day delivery, £50 for VIP deliveryFree white glove delivery and mattress removal

Simba Hybrid Pro vs Panda Bamboo mattress: design

  • Both are hybrid mattresses featuring spring and foam layers
  • Simba has seven internal layers, including wool and micro-coils
  • Panda has four internal layers, including bamboo-infused foam

The Simba Hybrid Pro is a 28cm tall mattress, featuring seven internal layers, plus a cover. The design is pretty complex: at the top is a layer of wool, followed by a layer of breathable and cushioning Simbatex foam, then two layers of Aerocoil springs with zoned support, then a layer of stabilizing foam, even more springs for edge-to-edge support, and a final foam layer to create a sturdy base. There's a lot going on.

This complex arrangement of springs and cushioning materials is designed to balance support with comfort. Sustainability is also a consideration for Simba – by using wool and spring in place of synthetic foams, the brand can keep its carbon footprint lower. 

The Panda Bamboo Hybrid is 27cm tall and has fewer layers (four plus a cover), but don't be fooled into thinking it's a simple design. At the top is Panda's uniquely engineered BioCell foam, an open-cell foam infused with bamboo for odour-resistance and enhanced freshness. Beneath this sits OrthoAlign foam (another Panda speciality), a dense foam for optimal spinal alignment. Then there's the coils – a layer of multi-zonal springs offers support across the body. Finally, there's the comfort base, made with stabilizing foam. 

An exploded image showing the seven layers of the Simba Hybrid Pro mattress (left) vs an exploded image showing the four layers of the Panda Bamboo Hybrid mattress (right)

The Simba Hybrid Pro (left) has seven interior layers, while the Panda Bamboo Hybrid (right) has four (Image credit: Simba / Panda)

Simba might have the more complex design, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's better. Our reviewer gave the bed 4.5/5 in this area, and noted it didn't feel "especially luxurious" – although it does come with handles, something the Panda lacks, and which improves maneuverability. The Panda Bamboo design, however, did receive full marks from our tester, who was impressed with how the layered design translated into a comfortable sleep surface.

Both companies also have a focus on sustainability. Simba is a certified B Corp company, and the Hybrid Pro was actually redesigned in 2023 with a focus on sustainability. Panda isn't a B Corp, but each mattress is part of the Panda Circle of Life initiative, which includes environmental manufacturing standards, minimal plastic packaging, and a recycling promise. 

Winner: Draw

The Simba has the more complex design, plus those handles, but our tester was so impressed by the Panda they gave the bed full marks.

Simba Hybrid Pro vs Panda mattress: price & extras

  • Both are premium mattresses with occasional sales
  • Simba offers 200-night trial and 10-year guarantee
  • Panda offers 100-night trial, 10-year guarantee, free white glove delivery

There's very little difference in terms of price when it comes to the Simba Hybrid Pro and the Panda Bamboo Hybrid. The Simba Hybrid Pro double mattress has an RRP of £1,229, while the Panda Bamboo double has an RRP of £1,290. There's not much in it. 

Simba mattress sales used to be fairly frequent, but discounts happen less often now. You might even need to wait for a major holiday to get a saving. However, signing up for the Simba mailing list will often net you money off your first order, so that's one way to save.

Sales are even rarer at Panda. While we do expect to see money off the Panda Bamboo Hybrid a few times a year, it only tends to happen around the major holidays, and the deals never stick around for long. So even though mattress sales are generally pretty common, with these two beds, expect to pay full price.

In terms of extras, we're again looking at a pretty similar picture. Simba's 200-night mattress trial beats Panda's 100-night, but both offer a 10-year guarantee. And Panda comes out on top when it comes to delivery, providing free white glove delivery and free old mattress removal. Simba does offer free standard next day delivery, but you'll have to pay extra for VIP delivery, and there's an additional charge for old mattress removal.

If you're looking to save money, you might want to consider the more affordable Simba Hybrid – we rated it highly in our Simba Hybrid Original mattress review. But make sure to check out our Simba Hybrid Original vs Simba Hybrid Pro mattress showdown, to see how the budget bed compares to its premium equivalent.

Winner: Simba Hybrid Pro

The prices are similar, but the SImba is just that bit cheaper, plus you're generally more likely to find a sale running at Simba than Panda.

Simba Hybrid Pro vs Panda: comfort & support

  • Simba rates the Hybrid Pro medium-firm, we rate it firm (8/10)
  • Panda rates the Bamboo Hybrid 7/10, we rate it 7.5 (medium-firm)
  • Both beds are best for stomach and back sleepers

Simba describes the Hybrid Pro as medium-firm, but our tester felt firm was more accurate, rating it an 8/10 (with 10 being the firmest). This is good for back and stomach sleepers, providing ample support at the hips and lower back. However, it's too firm for most side sleepers and lightweight sleepers, who are likely to need more cushioning.

Panda rates the Bamboo Hybrid mattress as a 7/10, but our tester gave it a 7.5/10, which puts it at the high end of the medium-firm bracket. Again, this is ideal for front and back sleepers. For side sleepers, the results are mixed – our tester felt comfortable, but other side sleepers might prefer something softer. 

A weight on the surface of the Simba Hybrid Pro mattress (left) vs a weight on the surface of the Panda Bamboo Hybrid mattress (right)

The Simba Hybrid Pro (left) is firm, while the Panda Bamboo Hybrid (right) is medium-firm (Image credit: Simba / Panda)

Top layers of comfort materials provide both mattresses with a gentle cushioning, so you won't feel like you're lying on a board. But while there's some light contouring, these beds definitely won't 'hug' you the way the best memory foam mattresses do. If you want plenty of cushioning at the shoulders and hips, check out our Emma Original mattress review instead. 

Both mattresses should appeal to those with bigger builds, as the firmer surface offers ample support. Heavier bodies should feel stable, and not like they're sinking through the mattress. However, those with a light build might benefit from a softer cushioning.

Comfort winner: draw

Both mattresses have a similar appeal – back and stomach sleepers – and a similar rating on the firmness scale – 7.5-8/10. While the Panda has a slightly wider appeal due to the medium-firm build, it's really a matter of preference.

Simba Hybrid Pro vs Panda mattress: performance

  • Both have excellent temperature regulation
  • Both provide good motion isolation, although the Panda is slightly better
  • Panda has superior edge support, Simba Hybrid Pro is weaker

Hybrid mattresses are generally known for their good temperature regulation. The gaps in the springs provide ample room for air to circulate and cool, especially in comparison to the dense build of a memory foam, which can trap heat.

So it's no surprise to learn that both the Panda Bamboo and Simba Hybrid Pro have excellent temperature regulation. The Panda just edges out on top, scoring 4.5/5 compared to the Simba Hybrid Pro's 4/5. This is thanks to its breathable bamboo infused foam and a surface that never feels hot to the touch.

As well as temperature regulation, we also test mattresses for motion isolation: how much movement travels from one side of the bed to the other. Hybrids aren't always known for their motion isolation properties – the bounce of springs can create a lot of motion transfer – but both the Panda and the Simba Hybrid Pro performed strongly. Again, the Panda mattress takes a slight lead, as the Hybrid Pro is a bouncier bed. But, overall, both mattress offer a quiet night even if you share with a restless partner.

A close-up of.a hand touching the surface of the Simba Hybrid Pro mattress (left) vs a closeup of a hand touching the Panda Bamboo Hybrid mattress (right)

The Simba Hybrid Pro (left) and the Panda Bamboo Hybrid (right) both stay cool overnight (Image credit: Simba / Panda)

Finally, edge support – and this is where the Panda Bamboo Hybrid pulls out ahead. Edge support refers to how strong the mattress is at the perimeter. Beds with poor edge support tend to collapse and sink at the sides, making it hard push out of bed or sleep across the entire surface.

The Panda Bamboo has strong edge support, with minimal sinkage. Our tester felt stable and supported when sitting on the corners of the bed, and found they could really spread out during the night without ever losing that sturdy base beneath them. 

The Simba Hybrid Pro, however, has average edge support. Our tester felt stable lying on the edge of the bed but they were less sturdy sitting up. While it's not disastrously bad, those with mobility issues could struggle to maneuver off the bed, as those sinking sides don't offer much push back.

Performance winner: Panda

Simba Hybrid Pro vs Panda: which should you buy?

Buy the Simba Hybrid Pro mattress if...

You need time to make your decision: Although Simba doesn't have the best extras on the market (check out our Nectar memory foam mattress review for a bed with a 365-night trial) 200 nights beats the 100 offered by Panda, and provides a long period to adjust to your new mattress and see if it's right for you.

You're hoping to save some money:  Simba has historically been more generous with discounts than Panda, and frequently offers money off for making your first order. So if you're shopping with a tighter budget, Simba is still a better bet for a bargain.

You plan on moving the mattress around: The Simba Hybrid Pro comes with handles, which makes it easier to pick up the bed and move it around. This isn't the most important feature, but if you know a move is on the horizon (remember, a mattress can last for seven to 10 years), it's worth thinking about convenience.

Buy the Panda Bamboo Hybrid mattress if...

You need strong edge support: The edges of the Panda Bamboo Hybrid feel just as firm as the center of the bed, meaning you can press, sit, or lie on the edges without the mattress collapsing beneath you. This is best for couples who like their space and those who push against the bed to get up in the morning.

You want to take the hassle out of buying a new bed: As well as tkaing the mattress to the room of your choice, Panda will remove any excess packaging and take your old bed – and it's all for free. No more awkwardly navigating the staircase by yourself with a bulky bed. And in several years time when your Bamboo Hybrid mattress eventually wears out, Panda promises to take it off your hands.

You spend some of the night lying on your side: The Panda has a slightly softer build (we rate it medium-firm) which, compared to the firm Simba, is more preferable for side sleepers. While dedicated side sleepers might want to opt for something softer altogether, combination sleepers who spend the night lying every which way might benefit from the versatile support of the Panda.

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