Purple's cheapest mattress just got cheaper: get up to $400 off the NewDay with this deal

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Struggling to find a mattress that works for you? If you've found foam too squishy and hybrids too springy, it might be time to try something completely different – a Purple mattress. Purple's beds feel nothing else, and with up to $400 off the PurpleFlex (the cheapest option in the Purple adult range, originally called the NewDay) now is a really good to buy.

It's the unique GelFlex Grid technology that gives Purple mattresses their unique feel and earns them a place among the best mattresses. Made using a hyper-elastic polymer, this geometric grid is super-responsive and adapts instantly to your every movement – but you can learn more about that in our PurpleFlex mattress review.

For now, let's talk deals. Purple mattress deals happen relatively regularly, but this one is pretty special. We're quite used to seeing $200 off the PurpleFlex, but $300 off a queen doesn't come around that often. Even better, there's $400 off a full, taking it down to just $799. Read on to discover everything you need to know about this PurpleFlex mattress deal.

PurpleFlex mattress

PurpleFlex mattress

Queen size: was $1,299 now $999

Overview: Purple mattresses are known for their unique GelFlex Grid, and the PurpleFlex is the most affordable way to try this cooling and supportive technology. Sitting beneath the cover, the geometric grid moves as you move, creating an adaptive feel that provides a cradling support like no other (and it also has impressive motion isolation and excellent temperature regulation). Bouncy yet sturdy, the PurpleFlex is ideal for back or stomach sleepers, even though at eight inches tall, it isn't the most luxurious bed.

Price history: The PurpleFlex might be the cheapest adult mattress in the Purple range, it's still not what we'd call a budget bed. Purple sales are semi-regular, but they're rarely as good as this. $999 is one of the best prices we've seen for a queen NewDay, so buy now before the discount changes.

Extras: The PurpleFlex comes with a 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty, plus free shipping and returns.

Buy it if...

You sleep on your back or stomach: We rate the PurpleFlex mattress as medium-firm, with very little sink. Our tester described the feeling as like "floating on top of the mattress", and recommends the supportive surface for back and stomach sleepers. Side sleepers might find it too firm at the pressure points.

You sleep hot: Sitting just beneath the cover, the Purple GelFlex Grid has an incredibly open structure that allows air to easy circulate, keeping the mattress cool overnight. The Purple is one of our best cooling mattress picks, and the PurpleFlex has a similarly chilled effect at a lower price tag.

You want that unique Purple feel on a smaller budget: There's something about the Purple mattress that feels like nothing else, and that something is the GelFlex Grid. This geometric grid is flexible to contour to your shape, providing a new type of support. If you want to experience a Purple bed for less, this might be the mattress for you – especially with $300 off a queen size.

Don't buy it if...

❌ You want a thicker mattress: The PurpleFlex is only eight inches tall, which is shorter than we usually recommend for an adult mattress. If you want a similar mattress with more depth, consider the Purple mattress – there's $200 off all sizes right now.

You want a foam feel: Although the Purple is technically a foam bed, that GelFlex Grid means you might forget you're lying on several layers of foam. For a foam bed that actually feels like foam, but still offers support for a range of sleep styles, consider the Nectar mattress. And there's 40% off in the Nectar President's Day sale.

❌ You prefer a more typical sleep surface: The unique feel of the Purple bed is one of the brands major selling points, but we'll be honest: it isn't for everyone. If you like a mattress with a more traditional feel, consider a hybrid: the Helix Midnight mattress is great for side sleepers, and in the Helix 20% off Presidents' Day sale, it's a similar price to the NewDay.

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